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Your Carpet Cleaning Professional In Vancouver WA Explains The Difference Between A Spot And A Stain


carpet-stains-removedMany people think that carpet spots and stains are the same thing, but in carpet cleaning lingo, they are completely different things!

So what is the difference between a spot and a stain?

  • Spots occur when things spill onto the carpet but do not chemically bond to the fibers. An example of a spot might be the dirt from heavy traffic areas, food, or spills
  • Stains on the other hand are spills that can actually cause real damage to the carpet or change it in one way or another. Things that might cause this to happen are motor oil, grease, or other hard to remove liquids or materials

The biggest difference between spots and stains is that sports are organic, and stains are not. In some cases, a stain might not even be visible to the naked eye. If the soiling agent is transparent like oil, dust will cling to the agent, and when you vacuum or clean the carpets, the dust on the stain will remain.

In some cases, washing the carpets can actually reveal a stain that was being covered by dust or debris.

So how do you tell the difference between a stain and a spot?   The answer is pretty simple, a “stain” changes the tint or hue of the carpet, it is actually a stain, but if the color is completely different than the rug, then it is most likely a spot.

For help determining spots from stains, or to enlist a carpet cleaning professional in Vancouver WA, click here!

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