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Your Carpet Cleaning Professionals In Vancouver WA Discuss Pets Stains On Your Carpet


family-petWe have all experienced pet urine on carpet at one point at one time or another…. Obviously it usually is an accident, usually through the animal being a baby or from being kept inside for too long.

If you are a pet owner who believes that your cherished pet could never do any wrong, remember that even the best trained animal can have an accident now and then.

Depending on your unique situation, this scenario could lead to a full range of odors. Every animal is different and so is their odor.   Regardless of this, having your carpet or upholstery cleaned on a regular basis can help catch the problem early and reduce your chances for permanent damage.

Waiting too long to tend to the pet urine can lead to your carpet needing to be lifted, because urine can travel down and penetrate the underlay, or even the floor boards!

So if you have a pet and suspect that the carpets or upholstery are harboring urine deposits, contact a carpet cleaning professionals at Xtra Touch Carpet Care in Vancouver WA.

Click here to read more about pet spot removal in Vancouver WA today.

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