Area rugs are generally placed in an open space like the living room, bedroom, and den. These rugs are the favorite places for kids and pets to play. Kids spend their most of time on rug areas to feel comfort and warmth.

Regular use of area rugs makes it dull and dirty. Also, it has to bear spills and stains of food. DIY methods may give results for a short time to remove the hard stains on your rugs. So, it is advisable to approach professionals for the best area rug cleaning. Experts have advanced methods of deep cleaning.

In this blog, you will get to know the easiest ways to clean area rugs.

Easy Steps To Clean Area Rugs

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• Vacuuming Rugs

Shiny and clean rugs benefit the most when regularly vacuumed. The cleaning of rugs by vacuum should be done on both sides. It is recommended to clean twice a week and keep your rug germs free.

• Cleaning With Soap And Water

Daily foot traffic collects dirt and debris on the rug which can’t be cleaned by vacuum. So the old method is the best to deep clean the rug with some detergent and water. It also helps to restore its shine and color.

• Rug Beater Method

A rug beater is a wired but very helpful method. It is designed to beat the dirt out of the rug. By beating rug both side on a railing or fence by force helps to remove dirt and germs from the rug. It is not advisable to use this method for delicate or handmade rugs.

Searching For The Best Rug Cleaning Services in Vancouver?

Rug areas are a high investment for any home. Rugs have different types of colors and fabrics. Professionals have better knowledge and experience to deal with all types of rugs. They choose the best product and process to get effective results.

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