Nobody likes the look of the carpet, which is dirty or worn out. So, scheduling a professional carpet cleaning service once or twice a year makes complete sense. Irrespective of the carpet cleaning costs, a perfect looking and pleasant smelling carpet is worth it.

But with carpets adorning your floors, we all understand how professional carpet cleaning removes stains and other debris. And since carpet costs a pretty penny, it’s important we maintain it to get a complete return on investment. Thus, apart from professional carpet cleaning, you also need to look after your carpet.

Want to know how? Read below the top ways to maintain a carpet after professional carpet cleaning.

Top Ways To Maintain A Carpet After Professional Carpet Cleaning

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1. Regular Vacuuming

The simplest way to maintain a carpet after professional carpet cleaning is through regular vacuuming. If you vacuum your carpet once or twice a week, you remove every debris present on the surface. Thus, this debris does not get the time to go deeper into the carpet fiber. Therefore, the carpet stays clean for a long time.

2. Keep The Carpet Dry

After the professional cleaners leave, make sure that your carpet is completely dry before using it. Many times, we overlook the importance of a dry carpet, thus causing damage to the carpet and you. A wet carpet is a recipe for disaster as it provides a perfect habitat for the growth of bacteria and mold. These are harmful to carpets as well as to your health.

3. Use A Carpet Protector

Carpet stains very easily. Be it, adults, kids, or pets, one misstep and it results in staining of the carpet. Using a carpet protector right after professional cleaning prevents the sticking of dirt and grime to the carpet. Thus, they won’t get the chance to go deep inside the carpet fiber. So, this works best for places with high foot-traffic to keep it clean for long durations.

Dirty Carpet? Schedule Your Next Professional Carpet Cleaning!

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