About Us

Xtra Touch Carpet Care’s Story

Xtra Touch has been cleaning carpets since 1997. From day one, our mission as carpet cleaners in Vancouver WA has been to provide high-quality cleaning and to deliver this service with maximum client satisfaction. We are committed to the highest level of integrity, education, customer service, and cleaning procedures.

Xtra Touch Carpet Care

Chemical Free Products

We use Biokleen products that are free of ammonia, phosphates, alcohol, chlorine, petroleum solvents, butyl, glycol ether, artificial colors, brighteners, artificial fragrance. We believe that a house free of toxins is a home full of love.

Xtra Touch Carpet Care

Cruelty-Free Products

We love animals. That is why we use products that never test on animals. We use Biokleen products that are designed with pets in mind, as they are just as sensitive to toxins, synthetic dyes, and artificial fragrances as we are.

Our Process

Whether we are cleaning carpets in Vancouver WA or any of the surrounding areas, our process is always the same.

Customer Reviews


“We were very pleased with the work they did! I needed to have our sectional couch cleaned primarily because of the vomit odor. The cleaning service guys were punctual, professional and did a great job at removing the odor and overall cleaning the couch (with 3 little kids it had all kinds of suspicious leftover stains on it). ….”

Dunja Hunt


“Freddy is a true pro. He has the top equipment in the industry and more importantly he knows how to make the best use of it. He was able to remove pet stains and other stains of unknown origin that I had written off as a lost cause. From the first time they entered my home to leaving when the job was complete was a great experience….”

William Foster


“As I would have loved to rate higher, I cant. I’m not sure weather or not things went missing but my mother had some house cleaning done while they were out on a trip and when they came back, it seemed the lights were left on, fish tank left unplugged, and furniture was scratched up. I…”

Julian Rodriguez