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Oriental Rug Cleaning Vancouver

Rugs are one of the most preferred flooring options in the home because of their warmth and style. However, considering the various activities that take place every day at home, it is certainly not possible to keep the rugs in good shape. An oriental rug needs to be cleaned using the best techniques which only a professional rug cleaner can provide.

Additional services available per request:

  • Deodorization
  • Urine/Spot Removal
  • Allergen Treatment

Different Types Of Oriental Rug Damages

Rug ends fraying:

The two fringed ends of the rug are completely exposed and loose and can be easily damaged. If the damage does not stop, this part of the rug can unravel, which can cause further damage.

This massive damage to the rug’s body can only be repaired through re-knotting; potentially time-consuming and costly procedure.

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Moth damaged rugs:

Moths can appear on any oriental rug. If a few strands disappear from your carpet, you can probably blame these pesky bugs.

Fortunately, this kind of damage can be repaired. As with other types of damage, the faster the repair, the cheaper the repair cost.

Low pile

Oriental carpets develop low density (low pile) areas over time. Although this is not necessarily a problem, a very small pile can expose the base of the carpet and cause severe damage. If the pile foundation seems too small, it’s time to send your oriental rug to a professional.

Holes in your rug:

Holes do happen. While this may seem like a difficult problem to fix, it is definitely possible for Xtra Touch Carpet Care rug specialists as long as the area around the hole is in good condition.

Why Xtra Touch Carpet Care Services For Your Rug Cleaning Solution?

  • Our area-rug cleaning process provides the most comprehensive Oriental rug cleaning Vancouver WA.
  • Rugs are separated, based on whether they are machine-made or handmade. Handmade area rugs are generally more sensitive.
  • Next, we remove as much dust as possible from the rug. Rugs are then tested for colorfastness. If the colors bleed, we have to use special methods, such as dry cleaning or extraction, which leave minimal amounts of water on the rug.
  • We inspect the rug for soiled spots and pretreat those areas. Please understand that some stains are not removable, as they have permanently changed the colors of the wool. We will neutralize all odors, including pet odor, from the rug.

Families and offices who want comprehensive oriental rug cleaning Vancouver WA for it to look brand new at all times, or want to hire carpet cleaningmattress cleaningpet odor & stain removal, upholstery cleaning or carpet color repair, selecting Xtra Touch Carpet Care Services is an excellent solution. Call  (360) 521-5900 to grab these services today.

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