Oriental Rug Cleaning Vancouver WA

Top Rated Oriental Rug Cleaning Vancouver WA

Rugs are one of the most preferred flooring options in the home because of their warmth and style. However, considering the various activities that happen regularly at home, it gets tough to keep the rugs in good shape. The oriental rugs will need cleaning using the best techniques that only a professional can provide.

Additional services available upon request:

  • Deodorization for your rugs
  • Urine/Spot Removal from rugs
  • Allergen Treatment of rugs

Types of Rug Problems that Experts Can Fix


Insect Damage:

Moths can appear on any oriental rug. If a few strands disappear from your rug, you can probably blame these pesky bugs.

The moth gets attracted to your rugs. If you see some missing strands, there is a chance that these insects have tried to add damage to them. Moths can appear on any oriental rug and try to soil them with their natural process. Fortunately, such types of damage get rectified easily. Several other types of damage mean faster repair times and lower repair costs.


Holes in Your Rug:

Holes appear and seem like an intricate problem to fix. Rug specialists can fix it as long as the area around the hole is in good condition. These are the most dangerous and tricky compared to the rest.


Low Pile:

Oriental rugs develop low-density areas over time. It is not a big problem until a small part exposes the base of the rug and causes severe damage. If the pile foundation is smaller, you will need to send your oriental rug to a professional.


Rug ends fraying:

The two fringed ends of the rug are exposed and loose and can be easily damaged. If the damage does not stop, this part of the rug can unravel, which can cause further damage.

Rug fraying can be repaired through re-knotting the rugs. It is a time-consuming procedure and gets costly if it is intricate.

Why Choose Us For Oriental Rug Cleaning?

  • Our area-rug cleaning process provides the most comprehensive Oriental rug cleaning in Vancouver WA.
  • Rugs are segregated based on whether they are machine-made or handmade. Handmade area rugs are generally more sensitive.
  • Next, we clean the dust and also test it for colorfastness. If the colors bleed, we use methods like dry cleaning or extraction. These leave minimal amounts of water on the rug.
  • We inspect the rug for soiled spots and pretreat the areas. However, there are chances of stubborn stains prevailing needs treatment as they have messed with rug fibers. Our treatment would neutralize the pet odor that comes from the rug.

Residences and offices require a top-rated oriental rug cleaning in Vancouver WA. Professionals help you with your rug clean and look beautiful all the time. Contact Xtra Touch Carpet Care for an expert solution on Oriental Rug Cleaning in Vancouver WA. Call now on (360) 521-5900 to book your next service or request a free quote. Our professionals would be more than happy to attend to you.

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