Common Rug Cleaning Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Common Rug Cleaning Mistakes and How to Fix Them
December 18, 2023

Regularly cleaning your area rug is the best way to preserve its beauty and charm. But when cleaning their area rugs, many homeowners make mistakes that ruin the appeal of their beautiful rugs.

So, to prevent this, it’s necessary to know the common rug cleaning mistakes and ways to fix them. In this blog, we have discussed these mishaps in detail and given you useful tips on tackling them.

Most Common Rug Cleaning Mistakes and How to Fix Them

1. Ignoring the Care Label

A common mistake that most homeowners make when cleaning their area rug is not looking at the care label. A care label provides important information about the care and maintenance of your area rug, depending on the type of fiber and pile.

So before you start cleaning your rug, glance at the label located underneath it and only use the solutions recommended on it. It will protect your rug from damage and save you the replacement cost.

2. Letting the Spills Sit for Longer

We all feel lazy now and then, but ignoring a spill on your rug is one thing you should avoid. The longer you wait to address the spill, the more difficult it’ll be to deal with later on.

To fix this, handle the spill as soon as you notice it. Use a clean microfiber cloth to blot the area and remove the excess liquid. If there is staining, spray a cleaning solution and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse with cold water and blot once again to clean the solution.

3. Over-scrubbing the Rug

Excessively scrubbing your rug can cause the delicate fibers to shed. It can also result in matted fibers, which can make cleaning more difficult. Instead, use one of the easy methods for rug cleaning, like vacuuming.

It will give effective results by gently agitating the fibers and removing the accumulated dirt, dust, and grime. Moreover, it won’t damage the rug during cleaning.

4. Not Testing the Solution Before Using

Another common rug-cleaning mistake homeowners make is not testing out solutions before using them. It is a problem because it can cause long-term damage to your rug, including discoloration and fading.

To prevent this, test out any cleaning solution (store-bought or homemade) on a small hidden area of your rug. Check for signs of wear, color fading, or discoloration.

5. Overwetting the Rug

Excessive moisture can saturate your rugs, leading to mold growth and fiber damage. So you should avoid using too much water when cleaning your rug. Instead, you can use a clean cloth to blot the excess liquid before letting your rug air dry.

If the stains persist, dip a soft-bristled brush in a mild rug-cleaning solution and use it to clean the affected area gently.

6. Waiting Too Long to Hire Pros

Along with regular vacuuming and maintenance, your rug needs deep cleaning to maintain its pristine look. Avoiding professional cleaning for too long can make it look dull and drab.

To fix this, book your rug cleaning service with Xtratouch Carpet Care. Our experts have the experience and skills to avoid common rug cleaning mistakes and restore your rug to its former glory.

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