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Best Carpet Color Repair In Vancouver WA

Color repair is a good and economical way to restore the original sheen of the carpet. What would you do if the appearance of your carpet was awful? Replacing it would cost you a lot of money. Carpet color repair is a good and economical way to restore it.

Carpet color problems arise from different sources that include the following:

  • Environmental Fading
  • Bleaching
  • Staining
  • Acne Medication

Newly purchased carpet may lose its vibrant color when first washed, or you may observe some damage after several piles of washing.

If you want to check colorfastness or explore the exact reasons for the color fading in your carpet, contact Xtra Touch Carpet Care for the best carpet color repair in Vancouver WA.

It Is Not Like Painting A Piece Of Wood; You Can’t Just Cover Up Those Flaws!


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Stains are usually not white unless they are due to bleach. Instead, they turn pink due to the fading or spreading of sunlight. Therefore, in order to regain the original color of the fabric, the stain has to be removed from the wrong color, which requires considerable training, special knowledge, and expert application.



If you want to recolor to a completely different shade, our carpet cleaning technicians compensate for it by using shades of contrast colors.



Our certified carpet repair technicians use products that are safe for the environment, children, and pets. In addition, these dyes are immediately dyed into fibers and cannot rub, run, or vacuum, which leads to a lifelong result.



If the carpet is over-dyed, the excess color of the fibers will bleed during cleaning. Our carpet and rug restoration specialists use dye stabilizers to prevent stain transfer.



DIY spray guns are available in the market, but sometimes these machines produce uneven coatings, high packing saturation, or extra color.

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At Xtra Touch Carpet Care, we are proud of being acknowledged as being regarded as the best carpet color repair in Vancouver WA. Our services restore the original shine and appearance to your carpet. Our professionals will inspect and help you with the color repair problem on your carpet. Our services promise to increase the appearance and longevity of your carpet and create a healthy environment in your home. We use natural chemicals and top-rated methods. The techniques do not have any side effects on children or pets.

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“Xtra Touch did an amazing job on our carpets. I have used them for years and they simply do not disappoint. Freddy and his crew understand carpets and how to care for them. They are professional, detailed and leave your carpets feeling brand new. Would highly recommend Xtra Touch Carpet Care.”

Dawn Anthony


“Freddy and Chris were right on time, got started right away, and did such a great job. They were both so personal and friendly. They took care to not damage the hardwood floors by laying out carpet to walk on. We’re so happy with how the carpets turned out and would recommend their company to anyone.”

Camille Jeschke


“Freddie has been cleaning my carpets over 20 years. Twice a year he comes to my house while I am off on a vacation and does a perfect job. As a property manager he is always my go to for carpet cleaning. Reliable, trustworthy, does a fabulous job. He never disappoints.
Ruth Howland”

Ruth Howland

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