Carpet Color Repair Vancouver WA

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Carpet Color Repair Vancouver WA

If your carpet is painted stains or unwanted spills, you need to update it. What if your carpet is in good condition but looking awful? Replacing a standard carpet is a waste of money. Often, carpet color repair is a good and economical way to restore it.

Carpet color problems arise from different sources and reasons including:

  • Environmental Fading
  • Bleaching
  • Staining

Some common causes are bleach, acne medications, cleaning products, furniture staining, Kool-Aid, pets, fingernail polish, etc.

Newly purchased carpets may lose their vibrant color when first washed, or damage can be seen after several piles of washing.

If you are not sure if your carpet is colorfast or you want to know the exact reasons for the color fading in your carpets, contact Xtra Touch Carpet Care for the best carpet color repair Vancouver WA.

It Is Not Like Painting A Piece Of Wood; You Can’t Just Cover Up Flaws

Our carpet color repair specialists are trained in the concepts of color coordination.

Spot cleaning:

Stains are usually not completely white unless they are due to bleach. Instead, they are usually pink due to the fading or spreading of sunlight. Therefore, in order to regain the original color of the fabric, the stain has to be removed from a fake color, which requires considerable training, special knowledge, and expert application.


If you want to recolor to a completely different shade, then our carpet cleaning technicians compensate for it by using shades of contrast colors.


Our certified carpet repair technicians use only products that are safe for the environment, children, and pets. In addition, these dyes are immediately dyed into fibers and cannot rub, run, or vacuum, which leads to a lifelong result.


If the carpet is over-dyed, the excess color of the fibers will bleed during cleaning. Our carpet and rug restoration specialists use dye stabilizers to prevent stain transfer.

NOTE: DIY spray guns are available in the market, but sometimes these machines produce uneven coatings, high packing saturation, or extra color.

Where To Hire The Best Carpet Color Repair Vancouver WA?

At Xtra Touch Carpet Care services we are particularly proud of being acknowledged as the best carpet color repair in Vancouver WA. To increase the appearance and longevity of your carpet while contributing to a healthier environment or to hire carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, pet odor & stain removal, or upholstery cleaning services, call (360) 521-5900 today.

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