Carpets adore your floor and make any house, building, or office beautiful with its presence. However, on the downside, they fade over time. This discoloration of carpet causes it to look bad and embarrass its owners. Carpet fading causes are several. There are several DIY tips you can try to fix discolored carpets.

However, firstly understand what causes your carpet to discolor in the first place. Read below to do so.

Carpet Fading Causes: Four Main Elements

→ Chemical Reactions Due To Use of Wrong Products

Carpets undergo two types of chemical reactions: reduction or oxidation and ionization.

  • Redox Reactions: These take place due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide or alkaline agents such as sodium hydrosulfite.
  • Reduction Reaction: This is a common reaction that occurs in carpets in presence of acidic or alkaline cleaning products.
  • Ionization: When this reaction happens in presence of acid or alkalinity, it has a severe effect on carpets made of synthetic materials.

→ Sun Fading

Spots on carpets that are in direct contact with sunlight fade over time. This phenomenon occurs because of UV rays. These powerful rays have the ability to distort colors from the carpet fiber. Hence, one can either place carpets away from the sunlight or use UV protectants on the windows.

Key Reasons of Carpet Fading, Wear & Tear

→ Excessive Wear And Tear

The carpets, which are present in places with a very high rate of foot traffic, cause them to fade. For instance, carpets in schools, commercial spaces, etc, start turning grey in places where there is more traffic. To prevent this, you can hire professional carpet cleaners to keep your carpets in excellent condition.

→ Use of Bleach

Well, most of you hop online to search for homemade stain removal remedies. These remedies use bleach as one of the key ingredients. However, bleach is highly acidic and causes your carpets to fade wherever you spray them. Instead, use either a store-bought stain remover or call professionals to remove them.

Need Professional Carpet Color Repair Services To Guide You?

Since you’re here, it seems that your carpet has faded and you want to gouge out carpet fading causes. Now that you know them, let a professional carpet color repair expert from Xtra Touch Carpet Care guide you through the process.

Having your carpet recolored will save you thousands of dollars in carpet replacement and installation. So, if you want to revive your carpet in Vancouver, call us on (360) 521-5900. Follow us on Facebook for more updates and news.