Carpets feature beautiful floors that can change the overall look of your home or workplace. However, if you don’t take care of them, then they will certainly lose their attractiveness and therefore affect the interior of your office or home.

The stains, spots, and discolorations on carpets and most other textile products have been with us as long as the product itself. For this reason, we have decided to give you some effective DIY tips on how to fix the discolored carpets. 

The Basic DIY On How To Fix Discolored Carpet

  • Vacuum the area thoroughly. While vacuuming often doesn’t solve the problem, it picks up loose dust particles, preventing them from sticking to the carpet and deteriorating discoloration.
  • Rent carpet shampoo if you don’t have one. Buy an enzyme-based cleaner. Shampoo and wash the colored part with an enzyme-based cleaner. Let the carpet dry.
  • Check the carpet after drying. If discoloration is still present, but to a lesser extent, rinse the area a second time.

Spot Removal Treatment

  • Vacuum the carpet several times to make sure nothing is left behind.
  • Combine ¼ cup of salt, white vinegar, and borax in a bowl to make a paste. The paste should have a consistency of moderately thick oatmeal.
  • Spread the mixture over any discoloration. Use a spoon or butter knife to spread it.
  • Let the mixture sit for 2 to 3 hours. This ensures that the chemicals have time to crack the stain. Allow the mixture to dry naturally.
  • Remove the mixture with a cloth and warm water. Use a gentle scrubbing motion in all directions until you have removed the mixture completely.
  • Now, let it dry, which can generally take 5 to 24 hours.       

There comes a time when the DIYs stop working and you think about replacing your carpet. But wait! Before you do that, read this entire article and then make the final decision. You also have the choice of hiring professional carpet color repair services. 

Okay, stop!

Let us give you reasons why you should hire professionals instead of either trying the DIYs or replacing the carpet. 

Why Hire Professionals Fix Your Discolored Carpet?

♦ Guaranteed Positive Results

Want to actually get rid of your discolored patches from your carpet? Your go-to option should be professional carpet color repair services. They know the key factor behind the carpet fading and discoloration. Hence, they provide an effective solution for it.         

♦ DIYs Are Hit & Miss Remedy  

The problem with all the DIYs is that they are not full-proof solutions. They can either work or not, but if they don’t then they leave your carpet in a bigger mess. Instead, in this case, carpet color repair services are the best option to go for. At least they will bring it back to its original state.  

♦ Professional Also Clean Your Carpet  

When you hire professional carpet repair services, they don’t just do the repair work. But they also clean the carpet. They will deep clean the carpet and remove stains, food or liquid spills, dust, dirt, and germs. Along with this, they also remove oil, grease, pet odor from the carpet.   

♦ Cheaper Option In The Long Run  

Cost-wise, when you compare DIYs and professionals, DIYs are cheaper. But do they always work? No, they don’t. In that case, professionals are a better option to fix your discolored carpets. You won’t need to replace your carpet either, so you will save money here too. 

End Words:

So, you have two options to fix your discolored carpets: DIY & professional carpet color repair services. However, the best option to choose is professional.