How To Fix Discolored Carpet?

How To Fix Discolored Carpet
December 6, 2022

A beautiful carpet can transform the look of your home or office. However, if you neglect to take care of it, it will definitely lose its charm and affect the decor of your home or business.

A variety of common staining agents, including food, drink, and dirt, can make your carpet stained. Different stains require different cleaning agents, but most stains can be removed with the appropriate cleaning agent. However, carpet stains are an elusive beast.

If you are also worried about your discolored carpet, this blog is for you. Check out how to fix a discolored carpet.

Tips on how to fix discolored Carpet.

A basic DIY to fix a discolored carpet

  • Thoroughly vacuum the area. Vacuuming often doesn’t fix the problem, but it does pick up dust particles and prevent them from sticking to the carpet and affecting the stain.
  • Rent a carpet shampoo if you don’t have one. Purchase an enzyme-based cleaner.
  • Shampoo and wash the colored area with an enzyme cleanser. Let the carpet dry.
  • Check the carpet after drying. If the discoloration is still there, but to a lesser extent, wash the area again.

 Spot Removal Treatment

  1. Vacuum the carpet several times to make sure nothing is left behind.
  2. Combine borax, white vinegar, and 1/4 cup salt in a bowl to form a paste. The mixture should have the consistency of a reasonably thick oatmeal. Spread the mixture over all the discoloration.
  3. Spread using a spoon or butter knife. Leave the mixture for 2-3 hours. This will give the chemicals time to break down the stain.
  4. Allow the mixture to air dry. Vacuum the carpet several times to ensure nothing is left behind.
  5. Combine borax, white vinegar, and 1/4 cup salt in a bowl to form a paste. The mixture should have the consistency of moderately thick oatmeal.

Professional Ways To Fix Discolored Carpet.

Experts know the main factors behind carpet fading and discoloration. So they offer an effective solution for this. When you hire a professional carpet repair service, they don’t just do the repair work. But they clean the carpet too.

They clean the carpet thoroughly to remove spilled food and drink, dirt, dust, and germs. At the same time, they also clean grease, and remove pet odors from your carpet.

Comparing DIY projects with hiring professionals, DIY projects are cheaper. But do they always work? No, it’s not. In this case, it is better to have a professional repair the discolored carpet. You also save money here because you don’t even have to replace the carpet.

Summing up

So this is how to fix a discolored carpet. There are some DIY tricks that can be helpful in repairing a carpet. But you have to be very careful while using those DIY methods.

You can also consider hiring a professional to get this work done. They can handle this task effortlessly and ensure