What Are Carpet Color Repair Services And Its Benefits?

Carpet Color Repair Services Vancouver
August 26, 2021

Carpets often suffer from red wine or food spills, pet and kids accidents, and much more. However, replacing them is not an option as the carpet is one of the costliest items at the home. So homeowners would require a huge investment to replace it.

Instead of replacing your stained or faded carpet, hiring professional carpet color repair services is better. They treat the stains, de-color, remove bleach spots, and also stop color bleeding from the carpet.

What Are Carpet Color Repair Services?

They allow you to restore back the beauty of your beloved carpet. Whether the carpet is old or new, stained, or discolored, professionals deal with them all. Experienced professionals use dye or colors which are safe and guarantee a long-lasting stay of color.

Why Do You Need Carpet Color Repair Service?

1. Regain back the original color of the carpet by removing all the spots and stains.

2. Save thousands of dollars on buying a new carpet.

3. Recolor the carpet to match the design of the room.

4. Re-dye the old and faded carpet to elongate its lifespan.

5. Recoloring the carpet is a more environmentally sustainable option than replacing it.

Reasons To Not Opt For The DIY Route

1. Can I recolor my carpet? Thinking about this question, most homeowners use bleach to remove spills and lessen any discoloration. However, it leaves behind streaks of bleach which ruin the look of the carpet.

2. Removing the bleach with water from the carpet may lead to the spread of the mixture further on the carpet. This could lead to the decoloring of carpets.

3. Using homemade DIY stain removal on carpets can ruin the fabric as well as the backing of the carpet.

4. Coloring the carpeting by yourself is a tricky job. Without knowing the right technique and method, you might discolor your carpet after cleaning.

How Much Does It Cost To Patch A Carpet?

It costs around $140 to $200 for patching the carpet. As carpets are stained, faded due to natural light, and become dirty. So, to bring back its old charm, avail carpet color repair services at Xtra Touch Carpet Care in Vancouver.