Frequently Asked Questions

What method do you use?

Our company is experienced in all 5 methods of carpet and fine-fabrics cleaning. Which are Foam, shampoo, bonnet, dry and carpet extraction called steam cleaning.

What about dry cleaning?

Although our primary method for many years was dry cleaning, we only use it now for special situations. Compared to hot-water extraction, dry cleaning is limited in its ability to remove soil.

Can you get out any stain?

With our experience and expertise, we are able to get out difficult spots. If a spot is removable, we have what it takes to get it out.oil.

What is that black line around the baseboard of my carpet?

Filter soiling can be found along walls, under doors, beneath drapes, around the edge of HVAC registers, or anywhere air is forced to flow through the carpet. When air pressure and currents encounter a restriction, the air will pass through the carpet. The carpet acts as a filter, trapping small particulates, oils, and other pollutants that are in the air. These small particles stick tightly to the carpet. Often, they are held in place by micro-occlusion and electrical charges and are difficult to remove by agitation alone. However, they can be removed by our products that are designed to neutralize the electrical charges and then lubricate and suspend the fine particles.

Can I use any over the counter carpet spotter?

We do not recommend over-the-counter spotters, because they are high in alkalinity and leave a tremendous amount of residue. If you are not able to get that spot out, just give as a call and we will be happy to help you, using our effective spot removers.

Do you clean Berber carpet?

Yes we do. Berber is a weave, not a particular type of fabric; it is simply a type of loop construction that comes in olefin, nylon, wool, or blend. Berber requires a more thorough cleaning process than other types of carpets because a flushing action needs to take place to get under, around, and through the loops. Other companies that are not as thorough have many problems with Berber because they leave soil behind thatwicks back to the surface.

Do you clean sisal, sea grass, grass, wool, silk, rayon, and chintz?

Yes, we have special products and techniques to clean all of the above.

Do you only provide carpet cleaning to Vancouver, WA, or surrounding areas as well?

Yes, we provide carpet cleaning to Vancouver Washington as well as the surrounding areas. These areas include Portland, Ridgefield, Camas, Washougal, Brush Prairie, Battle Ground, Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview, Milwaukee, Oregon City, Tigard, King City, Beaverton, and Hillsboro. We travel as far north as Longview and as far south as Wilsonville.

What Causes Carpet Discoloration?

There are many reasons for carpet discoloration. Here are some common ones:

  • Direct Sunlight: When the carpets come in contact with direct sunlight, they fade.
  • Acid Spills: This causes the carpet to change color of the carpet to pinkish or orange color. Stomach acids cause permanent damage to the carpet, thus vomiting on the carpet is a serious no-no.
  • Bleach Spots: Many people use bleach as a spot treatment remedy, however, in the end, they are left with faded spots on the carpet.
  • Pet Urine Stains: With pets in the house, try to avoid pet urine stains at home as it causes discoloration of carpets.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Carpet Dye?

The average cost of getting your carpet dyed professionally ranges between $95 to $590. You may realize that this cost is almost one-third of what it’ll cost you to replace a carpet, which costs around $1400 to $1600.

Thus, carpet dyeing is a cost-effective method of restoring the look of your carpet and the best alternative for replacements. However, the cost only depends on other factors:

  • Size of the Carpet
  • Type of Carpet Pile
  • Type of Carpet Fiber
  • Stairs or Other Complicated Places Where You Have Carpets

How Do You Make an Old Carpet Look New?

Lucky for you, there are some amazing cost-effective ways to make your old carpet look new. Let’s look at them:

  • Carpet Dyeing: This is one of the best ways to revive your old carpet and give it a fresh look.
  • Invest in Doormats: Buy a good doormat and keep all the outside dirt exactly where it should be, i.e. outside. This way your carpet won’t come across the dirt and therefore remain clean and new-like.
  • Remove Dents: By removing furniture dents from your carpet, your carpet will once again regain its old charm back.
  • Change Your Room Layout Frequently: The reason a carpet looks dull is that some parts are exposed to high traffic while other parts aren’t. That’s why it is recommended by professional carpet cleaners to change your room layout every few months to change the direction of high traffic flow. Thus, it keeps the carpet youthful.

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“We were very pleased with the work they did! I needed to have our sectional couch cleaned primarily because of the vomit odor. The cleaning service guys were punctual, professional and did a great job at removing the odor and overall cleaning the couch (with 3 little kids it had all kinds of suspicious leftover stains on it). ….”

Dunja Hunt


“Freddy is a true pro. He has the top equipment in the industry and more importantly he knows how to make the best use of it. He was able to remove pet stains and other stains of unknown origin that I had written off as a lost cause. From the first time they entered my home to leaving when the job was complete was a great experience….”

William Foster


“As I would have loved to rate higher, I cant. I’m not sure weather or not things went missing but my mother had some house cleaning done while they were out on a trip and when they came back, it seemed the lights were left on, fish tank left unplugged, and furniture was scratched up. I…”

Julian Rodriguez

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