Pet Odor & Stain Removal Vancouver WA

Guaranteed Pet Odor & Stain Removal Services Vancouver WA

Pet Odor & Stain Removal Vancouver WA
We might have gone to the homes which appeared to be clean. Such homes still had smelled of the pet animal. People generally opt for a DIY solution to deal with the problem where the case gets more intricate.

The cleaning professionals of Xtra Touch Carpet Care have knowledge and experience dealing with pet stains. If the pet odor & stain removal is bothering you, Xtra Touch Carpet Care is there to help you.

Deep Pet Urine And Stain Removal Services

  • The unusual urine accidents of your pets affect the carpets, floors, and upholsteries in your home. The urine stains exhale a foul odor and create an unhygienic atmosphere at home.
  • It is advisable to clean the urine stain as soon as it forms on any surface. Different types of fabrics and flooring have varied effects on urine stains.
  • The urine stain is in a neutral state when it gets formed. You can easily remove those stains in this state.
  • While if the stain dries out, it will convert into an alkaline state. Here, you will find it more difficult to clear the spot. 
  • If the urine spot is left unattended on the surface for more than a week, it starts changing the dye structure based on the surface for a permanent time.

Hire guaranteed professional pet odor and stain removal Vancouver WA

  • Our professionals at Xtra Touch Carpet Care know how much solution is required to remove stains so that it gets into the carpet and then the floor.
  • They get trained to detect how much water is needed to rinse off the cleaning solution without soaking the carpet and creating a mold problem.
  • The best cleaning products you find at your local hardware store may contain harsh chemical elements that could potentially damage your carpet. Our guaranteed pet odor and stain removal services in Vancouver, WA, will use safe, animal-friendly cleaning products.
  • Our trained professional pet odor removal experts can find the best solutions for everything from fabrics and carpets to ceramics and wood. When the surface work gets completed, they seal the surface to catch the remaining odor.

Are you seeking a professional for pet odor and stain removal service? Reach out to Xtra Touch Carpet Care for Pet Odor And Stain Removal in Vancouver. We ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction and clean carpet. Our solutions and treatment methods are safe for your children and pets. We leave your house cleaner and fresh with stains and odors removed. Request a quote or book your cleaning schedule at (360) 521-5900.

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Customer Reviews

Freddie and his crew are always the best! I don’t use any other company. Excellent work and always dependable.

tracy burgess

I have been using and referring others to Xtra Touch Carpet for last four years. They do a great job every time! Very reliable!

Ashley Hall

Freddy really came through on a last-minute clean for a rental I was moving out of. The carpets look great!!

Mike Torguson

Very happy with the service! Great attention to detail. I have two dogs and the carpets look brand new!!

Lourdes Pacheco Schaard

FAQs on Pet Odor & Stain Removal

Is Your Pet Odor & Stain Removal Vancouver Service Safe For My Children & Pets?
Our services include simple practices using simple solutions that ensure your carpets stay dry. We use solutions that are animal friendly and don’t even harm nature. Our experts will ensure that the pet odor is removed and stains too. Our professionals will leave your place behind with a clean and dry carpet.
How Soon Would You Be Able To Deal Pet Odor & Stain Removal Vancouver?
The process won’t take much time. Our professionals will begin with a quick UV light checking for possible stain areas. If there are already any visible stains, they act upon them immediately. The entire team focuses on getting stains away and making your home odor-free.
Can My Pet Stay During The Pet Odor & Stain Removal Vancouver Services?
Yes, we are comfortable with your pet around the house while we perform the cleaning. We do not use any dangerous chemicals, nor would we use any loud machines. Your pet would feel quite comfortable while we undergo the process of pet odor and stain removal in Vancouver.