Mattress Cleaning Vancouver WA

Professional Mattress Cleaning Vancouver WA

A mattress is one of the essential things in our lives that we use daily. On average, we spend 7-8 hours daily on our mattresses. Because of the constant use, your mattress experiences a lot, like sweat, body oils, spills, food particles, and dirt. It not only makes your mattress look grimy and smell bad, but also leads to the growth of germs, bacteria, and allergens that are harmful to your health. On the other hand, a clean and well-maintained mattress provides you with extreme comfort.

At Xtra Touch Carpet Care, we provide the best mattress cleaning in Vancouver WA. Our skilled and highly experienced cleaning technicians thoroughly clean your mattress to eliminate germs and bacteria. Our green cleaning solution effectively removes the sweat, grease, stains, and grime from your mattress and provides you with a clean and comfortable place to relax.

Why Get your Mattress Cleaned?

The most basic requirement for cleaning is to make your mattress more comfortable to relax on and sleep on. Sweat, oil, food particles, spills, and other contaminants make your mattress stained and cause musty odors. Moreover, there are high chances of germs and bacteria growth, like mold. So, these conditions are certainly not ideal for relaxing or sleeping.

Mattress cleaning ensures that your mattress is free from stains, musty odors, and harmful bacteria. By cleaning your mattress regularly, you can prevent the chances of allergies and other skin issues. Furthermore, regular cleaning can save you money in the long run because by maintaining your mattress you can improve its lifespan which saves the replacement cost.


A Deeper Cleaning for a Quality Sleep. Call Us Today!

With advanced cleaning methods, we ensure you get the best cleaning results. We have a team of experienced cleaning professionals who are equipped with the latest cleaning equipment. They will deep clean your mattress and remove dirt and grime. We use green cleaning solutions that are safe for your family. Our cleaning will ensure you get a squeaky clean and fresh-smelling mattress. Hire our professional mattress cleaning in Vancouver WA, for quality sleep.

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Customer Reviews


“Recommended by a long-time carpet expert in Vancouver. Excellent customer service. Freddie worked to squeeze me in for an urgent clean. I will use them again, definitely!!”

Scott Dixon


“I have called on Xtra Touch for the past several years and have always been very happy with the results. They recently repaired a couple places of damaged carpet in a commercial space that I lease. They also clean my home carpets.”

Roger Barnick


“Xtra Touch has been cleaning my carpets for many years now. They are always on schedule, thorough, efficient, and careful with details. They use locally manufactured, non-toxic cleaners. I highly recommend their services.”

Patty Page

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