How To Dry A Wet Mattress

How To Dry A Wet Mattress
July 12, 2022

You might have faced the issue of carpet wetting. It may be because of a spilled water bottle, an open window during rain, or your toddler who has a bed wetting problem.

But the actual problem begins after that. The real headache is problems occurring due to a wet mattress. If your mattress gets wet, you need to take quick measures. Now, you might be wondering how to dry a wet mattress?

In this blog, we have discussed simple steps to dry a wet mattress that can be helpful to you.

Easy Tips To Dry A Wet Mattress

#1 Blot The Liquid

The very first thing you have to do is prevent the liquid from getting deeper into your mattress. So if something is spilled on your mattress, blot the excess moisture from the affected area.

Use a clean cotton cloth or paper towel and press it on the spill. Continue bloating until there is no excess moisture remaining in your mattress.

#2 Use A Wet-Dry Vacuum

A wet-dry vacuum can remove the excess moisture inside the mattress fibers. So if you have one, set your vacuum at suitable pressure and thoroughly vacuum the affected area to make sure no mixture remains in your mattress.

#3 Apply Absorbent

The next step you have to do is apply absorbent to the affected area to dry the mattress fast. These absorbents help dry mattresses, carpets, rugs, and such things.

You just have to sprinkle the absorbent powder on the damp mattress and wait 2-3 hours. Once done, vacuum the mattress to remove excessive absorbent. And you are done. Commonly used absorbents are clean cat litter and baking soda.

#4 Use Hair Dryer and Fan

Another appliance you can use to dry a wet mattress is the hair dryer. The hairdryer can blow hot air into the mattress layers, which absorbs the excess moisture. The thing that you have to take care of is, maintaining a 4-6 inches distance between the mattress and dryer.

If you do not have a hair dryer, you can dry the mattress with a fan. Take out the mattress from your bed, place it by a wall and turn on the fan at maximum speed. Your mattress will dry within 2-3 hours.

Take Quick Actions!

You should take the required steps to dry your wet mattress as soon as possible. Because even if it’s just water, it can cause problems if not treated in the early stage.

The main problem with wet mattresses is mold and mildew growth. Moisture or dampness is the most favorable for the germs and bacteria like mold. It will take them only a few hours to make their home in your damp mattress, so it is necessary to dry it quickly.

Furthermore, many mattresses have springs inside. If the liquid enters deeply into your mattress, it will rust the springs, which will lead to early damage. Also, if you keep the mattress wet for a long time, you will notice a musty odor and spots.

These reasons are fair enough to take quick actions to dry your wet mattress.