Upholstery Cleaning Vancouver WA


Fibers of upholstery can easily absorb animal fur, food particles, dust, and many other microbes that harm your health. Although we try to clean, it is not enough to remove all the dirt within the gaps. Worst of all, this dirt creates fungi and bacteria that cause health problems and allergies.

Additional services available upon request:

  • Deodorization of your furniture
  • Urine/Spot Removal from your upholstery
  • Allergen Treatment from your furniture

Why Should I Hire Upholstery Cleaning Services?

  • Dust mites could trigger allergies and illnesses like asthma. There could be dead mites that could affect the respiratory tract. Hence, cleaning is vital.
    There could be deep stains coming in contact with the human body and adding to health issues. Hence, cleaning becomes very necessary for health upkeep.
    If you have pets or kids, an accident on upholstery can happen. We recommend you have a cleaning service done for the overall upkeep of your furniture.
  • Mold spores irritate the respiratory tract and cause allergic symptoms such as asthma and immune reactions.
  • Our skin contains naturally protective oils. Therefore, the accumulation of oil stains on the couch is unfortunately inevitable. Cleaning upholstery regularly helps keep upholstery clean and fresh.
  • Rampantly getting sick could relate to unclean furniture. The bacteria in the fiber could find a way and disturb your health pattern. Ideally, you must go for a regular upholstery cleaning in Vancouver, WA.

How Would We Care For Fabric And Upholstery Cleaning Vancouver?

  • Xtra Touch services would clean all types of fibers, from natural to sturdy synthetic ones.
  • We have multiple techniques and solutions to deal with different upholstery fibers. We work on them individually.
  • Dry-Cleaning or Water-based cleaning, we provide applicable services suitable to upholstery fabric.
  • We decide on the process according to the type of material and degree of soiling.
  • We then decide on the most suitable process, according to the type of material and degree of soiling.

Blogs on Upholstery Cleaning

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Customer Reviews

Freddie and his crew are always the best! I don’t use any other company. Excellent work and always dependable.

tracy burgess

I have been using and referring others to Xtra Touch Carpet for last four years. They do a great job every time! Very reliable!

Ashley Hall

Freddy really came through on a last-minute clean for a rental I was moving out of. The carpets look great!!

Mike Torguson

Very happy with the service! Great attention to detail. I have two dogs and the carpets look brand new!!

Lourdes Pacheco Schaard

FAQs on Upholstery Cleaning

Does Professional Upholstery Cleaning Guzzle Away A Lot Of Money?
Upholstery Cleaning Services cost way lesser than replacing the entire furniture that is not maintained well. Deep stains and odor would get removed with a session of Professional Upholstery cleaning.
Would Upholstery Cleaning Service Disrupt My Activity At Home Or Business?
Our team at Xtra Touch would ensure to have a scheduled time fixed. Our cleaning team shall clean your upholstery at the planned hours. Professionals will ensure that your activities are not disturbed. Also, you get the best benefit from our cleaning service.
At What Intervals Must I Choose Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service?
The interval frequency would depend upon the usage of the furniture. A heavily used piece of furniture might require cleaning every three to four months. Whereas less frequent one needs eight to nine months. We recommend you to have vacuuming done for better upkeep of the furniture.