Mattress Cleaning Tips for Dealing with Pet Hair for Vancouver Pet Owners

Best Tips To Remove Pet Hairs From The Mattress
July 21, 2023

After a tedious day, the bed is the comfiest place to rest with your lovely pet friends. But sometimes pet hair lays down on the whole mattress making it an unpleasant space for you.

So it is better to clean it before the pet hairs track down into the deep layers of the mattress. Read the article to uncover the ideal products, tools, and methods for cleaning pet hairs from the mattress.

8 Best Tips To Remove Pet Hairs From The Mattress

1. Vacuum regularly

Regular Vacuuming can help you to deal with the pet hairs on the mattresses. Always ensure to buy a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Run the vacuum cleaner over your mattresses.

And while vacuuming, pay extra care to seams and crevices. In such locations, there are more chances of the run-up of pet hairs.

2. A lint roller works best.

Lint rollers are readily available in the markets of Vancouver and you can easily find one. They are most popular in terms of cleaning the pet hairs from bed. It is sticky from the inside and comes with a paper cover.

Now roll over the sticky portion of the roller onto the mattresses. Ensure to press the roller firmly so that the stickiness of the licker roller can attract all pet hairs.

This method may not be effective in cleaning all types of pet hair. And especially, you may find this job more troublesome while cleaning long pet hairs.

3. Rubber glove- a key to clean

Rubber gloves are the more cost-effective solution for cleaning pet hairs. As they are reusable and more effectively cleanses the pet hair.

Gently dampen the rubber glove in the water and rub it over the mattress’s surface. But make sure it doesn’t wet your mattress. Some other rubber tools, rubber window squeegees are alternatives to rubber gloves.

You might not get satisfactory results in one-time cleaning with rubber gloves. So repeat this process until you get the best results.

4. Try your hands with a pet hair removal brush.

Pet hair removal brushes are most popularly used to remove pet hairs from your mattress. There are a variety of brushes available By simply moving this brush on the bed surface you can remove the pet hairs.

These brushes have sharp teeth and can damage the mattress fabric if not used correctly. Make sure you move these brushes gently on the mattress. Moreover, if the tooths seem too sharp, try using the brush on a hidden area.

5. Dryer Sheets are best to entrap all pet hairs.

Dryer sheets are employed to entrap the hairs. You can run it over on your bed sheet. And once the dryer sheet is full of hair remove it from the bed surface. They are one of the cost-effective solutions to remove pet hairs.

6. Employ fabric softener for mattresses.

Firstly make a cleansing mixture for pet hair removal that consists of a small part of fabric softener and water in a spray bottle. Lay it over on the mattress and then wait for a few seconds.

After spreading this solution, you will observe that the pet hairs are easing off and make a clear path for you to remove them. You can use a white cloth to remove these pet hairs from your bed.

7. Prevention is better than cure

Invest in a mattress protector and then see the difference. Pet hairs are difficult to remove, especially from each bed nook. You may get frustrated to see small pet hairs on the bed even after cleaning it several times. To prevent such tiresome situations, do not let any pet hairs reside on your bed, but how?

Use a waterproof and hypoallergenic mattress protector. It acts as a protective layer for your mattress and will not let any pet hair settle into the bed layers.

Regular grooming sessions for your pet will also help you to deal with the pet hairs effectively. The grooming sessions and brushing them will decrease pet hair fall which spontaneously lessens the chances of pet hairs on your mattress.

Use these steps and prevent pet hairs from falling on your beautiful mattress.

8. Deep Cleaning by experts

Deep cleaning of mattresses by experts can help to cleanse the inner layers of it and eventually removes all pet hairs. Deep cleaning at regular intervals can aid to uplift the air quality, increase the lifespan of the mattress, and can save your money in the long run.

Professionals have expert-proven ways, tools, and methods to clean all types of pet hairs from your mattress. By hiring them your burden to clean these pet hairs lessens, and at the end, you also get the most satisfying results.