How to Clean a Shag Rug?

How to Clean a Shag Rug
May 11, 2021

Shag rugs add up a luxurious look to your house and likewise are a little tricky to clean. The long fibers can hold dust and dirt particles deep inside the rug’s pile. You may have a question on how to clean a shag rug for the first time after purchase and make your rug brand new. So follow the simple tips explained below.

Simple Tips To Clean a Shag Rug 

Instead of thinking about how to revive a shaggy rug again, start cleaning it daily. Here the steps for it:

⇒ Shake Daily

A simple good shake can separate loose debris and dirt from your rug.

Cleaning shag rug daily will prevent dirt and loose air particles from settling into the fibers and hence making the maintenance easier. 

⇒ Vacuum Once to Twice per week

Yes! It’s okay to vacuum your shag rugs.

Be extra careful with the vacuum and keep these 2 things in mind, before grabbing the vacuum cleaner 

  • Vacuum both sides of the rug to remove dust and other loose elements.
  • If the rug’s label instructions allow, consider using a rake or upholstery vacuum attachment.

⇒ Shampoo The Rug 

You can also shampoo your rug once a month to clean it thoroughly if the fibers of your rugs remain good.

  •   Collect all grime with the vacuum cleaner.
  •   Mix suitable rug shampoo with lukewarm water. 
  •   Leave your shag in the container until it releases the dirt. 
  •   Let the piece rinse in cold water.
  •   Leave it to sundry.

Note: Always check your rug’s label to see if it is designed to tolerate moisture. Otherwise, sticking to dry carpet shampoos would be a better option.

⇒ How to Spot Clean Your Shag Rug?

You should follow the below-given steps for spot treatment:

  • Use dry stain-removing agents for older stains. Fresh staining can be removed very easily using a mixture of water & white vinegar.
  • Leave your cleaning product/solution on the area undisturbed for about an hour.
  • Vacuum the dry stain remover or rinse with clean water to get the stain out completely.


  1. Never leave the cleaning for later. Don’t let the spill settle in, act quickly.
  2. Do not rub the stain because it can spread the stain even more.

Give Your Shag Rug a Professional Deep Cleaning Touch!

If the stain has been sitting on your rug for a long time, there are chances that it wouldn’t be washed easily. But don’t worry,  area rug cleaners in Vancouver has right technique and solutions for all kinds of stains. Know the prime benefits of area rug cleaning in Vancouver here. 

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