How to Clean a Shag Rug?

Shag Rug
May 9, 2023

A shag rug adds up a luxurious look to your house and cozy warmth under your feet. However, unlike its ease and comfort, it’s one of the trickiest rugs to clean. The long fibers can hold dust, dirt, and spills deep inside the rug’s pile. This makes them easily attract and spread allergens, requiring high maintenance.

With this concern, you may have a question on how to clean a shag rug to maintain it in its brand-new state. So here are a few easy steps to clean it.

Simple Steps To Clean a Shag Rug

1. Dust off The Dirt

Such rugs tend to trap a considerably huge amount of dust in their strands. To begin the cleaning, shake it outside if it’s portable and small in size. You can also tie it around a railing and beat it with a broom. This will loosen up a surprisingly heavy amount of soil it has been accumulating.

After that, you need to vacuum it on both sides. Remember to use an upholstery attachment with the vacuum after removing the beater bar to be gentle on the fibers. Go slow and in overlapping sections, without using too much suction to avoid pulling out the fibers.

2. Spot Clean any Stains

Look for any stains on your shag rug and treat them first. For most of the common stains, a few drops of dish soap mixed with a cup of warm water should be enough. Dip a microfiber cloth in the soapy solution and gently rub the stained area. Once done, give it a final rinse with a clean water-dipped cloth and air dry the rug.

If the stains seem to be stubborn, spray a mixture of equal amounts of warm water and vinegar. Gently rub the stain, blot it, and let it dry.

Remember to pre-test the vinegar (or any store-bought stain removers) on a hidden spot to check for any discoloration.

One additional way to revive its dullness or any stinky areas is to sprinkle some baking soda over it. Let it work overnight and vacuum the residue later. This will absorb all the dirt and odors from your shag rug.

3. Deep Clean The Rug

For its thorough cleaning, it’s best to use dry cleaning shampoo granules. Take the one that’s suitable for your rug’s material. Sprinkle the powder over the fibers and let it sit for the recommended duration after working it in with a soft brush. Ensure that you follow the product instructions for its right usage.

Vacuum the rug thoroughly from both sides to remove all the remnants.

4. Fluff The Pile

The long strands may entangle after the cleaning and may affect its looks. You can revive the fibers by brushing them with a horsehair brush or a simple hand fluffing.

With the above steps, you can clean your shag rug at home. However, to maintain it in a good state for years, you will also need to get it professionally cleaned to read all the amazing benefits of area rug cleaning.

Here, read some tips below to take care of it while cleaning it.

Tips to Clean a Shag Rug

  • Never use carpet shampoo or steam cleaning on your shag rug.
  • Never leave the cleaning for later. Don’t let the spill settle in, act quickly.
  • Do not rub the stain because it can spread the stain even more.
  • Shake the dust off and vacuum the rug once or twice a week.
  • Do not use excess moisture and scrubbing,
  • Don’t use a beater bar while vacuuming on fibers.
  • Wash the shag rug if it’s machine-washable.
  • Don’t use traditional carpet cleaners on your shag rug.
  • Read the care and cleaning instructions.
  • Restrict walking with shoes on the shag rugs.
  • Get them professionally deep-cleaned once in a while.

Give your Shag Rug a Professional Deep Cleaning!

Shag Rug Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining a shag rug can be daunting. It is easily vulnerable to shredding and damage. If the stains get stubborn, it becomes next to impossible to eliminate them from their deep, long fibers. Ideally, deep cleaning of a shag rug is always recommended to be done by rug cleaning professionals.

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