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Professional Carpet Cleaners Vancouver WA

Carpets are a haven for dust, allergens, and bacteria. Carpets need professional cleaning at a regular interval. If the cleaning activity gets missed, the allergens might create health issues. Health issues like asthma are due to unclean carpets. A vacuum cleaner is still a good choice, but it does not remove all contaminants.

Rely on Xtra Touch Carpet Care for professional expertise on carpet cleaners in Vancouver.

Additional services available upon request:

  • Deodorization
  • Urine/Spot/Stain Removal
  • Allergen Treatment

When are professional carpet cleaners required?

Visible staining
Modern carpets have some form of stain repellent on them. Still, you need to be aware of any spills. A small amount of colored liquid can ruin the appearance of the carpet.

If the odor in your office or home doesn’t seem to go away, no matter how much you clean it, maybe it’s your carpet. Many factors can cause carpet odors, from bacteria.

Allergy: A big problem with carpets is accumulating particles that trigger allergies. Even if you don’t consider yourself an allergic person, the buildup of dust, bacteria, and mites can cause an endless cycle of sneezing, coughing, and burning.

Mold: Light or dark parts of mold and mildew may appear if the carpet is kept moist or spills remain uncleaned. Early detection for a proper cleaning can fix the problem. In the worst case, the carpets might need replacing.

Worn out carpet: The old carpet gets worn because it gets tramped. Also, the dirt gets accumulated over a while. Cleaning will revitalize your carpet by removing dirt particles. The carpets would look better and turn flat over the surface. Proper cleaning can help stretch the fiber by removing the pigmentation caused by dirt.

Age: You might have owned a carpet for a long time and had a vacuum cleaning done. The dirt particles are tiny enough not to be seen. It might cause a health issue. Xtra Touch recommends a professional carpet cleaning for a cleaner carpet and better health.

Why do we differ from other carpet cleaning companies?

  • We apply a high-quality cleaning solution pre-spray to the carpet. These have natural citrus-peel extracts, grapefruit seed extract, cold-pressed Valencia orange, and soy.
  • In traffic areas of heavy dirt, we use a different cleaning solution. If the greasy substance gets identified, we apply the needful solution. The pre-spray softens and loosens the soil for a faster, more thorough cleaning.
  • To loosen the soil further, we physically agitate the carpet before cleaning. For a heavily soiled area, a booster material improves our cleaning action.

Try our professional carpet cleaners in Vancouver to get cleaner and better-looking Carpets. Our professionals focus on deep cleaning with stain removal. The experts can clean the carpets whether at home or in the office. Call (360) 521-5900 for a free quotation or appointment now and get the best of your carpets now!

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Customer Reviews

Freddie and his crew are always the best! I don’t use any other company. Excellent work and always dependable.

tracy burgess

I have been using and referring others to Xtra Touch Carpet for last four years. They do a great job every time! Very reliable!

Ashley Hall

Freddy really came through on a last-minute clean for a rental I was moving out of. The carpets look great!!

Mike Torguson

Very happy with the service! Great attention to detail. I have two dogs and the carpets look brand new!!

Lourdes Pacheco Schaard

FAQs on Carpet Cleaners

Can you give me a quotation over the phone?
Yes, we would be glad to give you a quote over the phone. For residential clients, a quotation over a call could be possible. Cleaning cost quotations to commercial clients is possible if our professionals visit your office. They would inspect and provide you estimate time and cost for the entire operations.
How many times a year should I have my carpets cleaned?
Carpets need a professional cleaning at least twice a year. Ideally, carpets in residential areas need lesser frequency than commercial ones. The frequency of cleaning the carpets could vary depending on the usage or soiling.
Can you remove wine, tea, coffee, etc.?
The answer is Yes. Our brand is known to deal with tough stains on the carpet. Our experts use the best techniques and get you carpets that look fresh and new. Call our experts today for any Carper Cleaning requirements.