DIY Tips On Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning

DIY Tips On Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning
October 24, 2022

It may not be immediately obvious to the naked eye, but carpets are a refuge for dirt and germs. The clean carpets are also home to mold, pesticides, fungi, and wanderings. All of these have led to allergies or infections. As we enter the home from outside, we bring with us various pollutants that cling to our shoes and feet. Many of them, whether visible or not, are transferred to the carpets when we walk.

At this time if you clean your carpets with toxic-based cleaners, they add more allergens instead of decreasing them. Therefore, to ensure a safe and healthy atmosphere you should support Eco-Fridley Carpet Cleaning. One way to do this is to research the products, identify and purchase shopping, and then perform the cleaning task. Instead, you can hire professionals to get deep cleaning results.

Several Tips To Clean Your Carpet In An Eco-Friendly Way

1. Vacuuming

The first step you need to take to keep your carpet clean is to keep vacuuming it off. This removes dust, deposits, and dirt from the surface. Starting cleaning without vacuuming can cause contaminants to get stuck in the carpet or spread and cause more serious problems. So your first line of defense should be to vacuum the carpet first.

2. Steam Cleaning Without Using Detergent

When you steam cleaning your carpets and rugs, you won’t need anything but plain water. The extremely hot water loosens the built-in dirt, allowing it to be readily sucked away. As hot steam eliminates bacteria, no detergent is required. You can put some white vinegar in the water tank if you desire. Vinegar is an excellent, natural remedy, for rot and mildew. Vinegar scent will disappear in less than a day, leaving your carpet clean and free of stains.

3. Use Plant-Based Cleaning Products

It is convenient to have certain commercial cleaning products on hand, but plant-based detergents are preferable than harmful ones. You should read the labels carefully; there are some excellent Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning products that are safe for you and your family. Additionally, if you are renting a steam cleaner, make sure to clean the water tank before using it to get rid of any hazardous residues left by the previous tenant.

Make Your Own Cleaning Solution and Apply

A creative and budget-friendly way is the best idea to make your own organic carpet cleaner. There are many combinations you can experiment with. It can turn everyday work into a fun and creative project. A recipe from Organic Authority suggests:

  • Baking Soda
  • Natural Liquid Soap
  • Essential Oil

Mix three of them, apply the solution on stains and rub with a clean cloth, brush, or sponge. Now, clean the solution with warm water and let your carpet dry and your cleaning is done.
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