How To Get Rid Of Pet Odor In House?

How To Get Rid Of Pet Odor In House?
August 10, 2021

Do you have a pet? Their sudden urine accidents take place on your carpets, tiles, and upholstery as they play on these things. Also, their skin and hair are shed everywhere that causes a foul odor in your whole house.

That unpleasant odor can ruin the reputation of your house if suddenly any guest visits your home. To remove this bad pet odor either you can contact the best professional pet odor removal services or try DIY tips. 

So, here are a few hacks on how to get rid of pet odor in the house.

Top Hacks On How To Get Rid Of Pet Odor In House

1. Sweep And Mop Hardwood Floor

Your pet probably moves in the entire house. So, to get rid of the dog smell in the room, collect all the loose debris that is created by your pet. Sweep all the hardwood floors, vacuum the floors to extract all the sticky debris and pet hairs available. 

However, hair, dander, and dust are very light when you try to catch through your vacuum. Mop the floor with a pet cleaner, this will help to collect any dust left behind sweeping.

2. Steam Clean And Vacuum The Carpets

Start vacuuming your carpets because pets spend most of their time on this comfortable surface. The carpet fibers are always accumulated with pet hairs and mud stuck in their dirty paws. 

How To Get Rid Of Pet Odor In House

Once the vacuuming is completed, take a steam cleaner. A steam cleaner will extract all the odors from the carpet fibers. You can also apply any pet stain remover or can try a pet odor eliminator home remedy to eradicate that stinky smell from the carpet. 

3. Wash All Couch Cushion Covers

Any fabric of your home can develop odors, so wash everything that you can clean in the washing machine. Your clothing, curtains, couch covers can also smell like pet odor as they play in such areas.

After washing everything make sure you are placing essentials, once it dries completely. But, if you are facing a more serious odor than before starting anything, consult professional pet odor removal services.

What To Do When Your House Smells Like Dog Urine Everywhere?

Then, first keep your pet’s bed in some fresh air and change the air filters of your house. If you wish to get rid of this nasty smell quickly, then go for a professional approach. Professionals like Xtra Touch Carpet Care in Vancouver, WA location, are always there to help you.