Why To Call A Professional For Pet Urine Stain Removal?

Why To Call A Professional For Pet Urine Stain Removal?
February 15, 2022

Whether it’s a dog or a cat, humans regard pets to be their best friends. Having an animal in the household can certainly light your moments with its cuteness.

But what can you do about pet urine stains removal on carpets or similar materials? If you spend your holidays at residence, though, pet urine stains upset you greatly. Ignoring the outer layer simply by wiping a pet’s pee might cause harm to the fibers that are difficult to mend.

For all households, enlisting the help of professionals to remove pet urine is the best option. Read why you must hire professionals to help you deal with this scenario more successfully.

Reasons Why Pet Urine Stain Removal Is Difficult

1. Uric Acid Crystals Present In Pet Urine

The use of bleach or dish soap on the carpeting can cause it to lose its sheen and gloss. Furthermore, soap is incapable of dissolving acidic crystals. There are always certain household treatments that can provide temporary help, but they are not lasting. Professionals employ techniques that make it simple to remove the stain and restore the luster of your carpet. They possess the best urine remover solutions to achieve perfect results.

2. Professionals Can Find Even A Small Stain

If you own a furry friend, pee stains are almost always unintentional. There is a better likelihood you’ll dab the stain right away, preventing it from spreading. However, often even quick intervention is ineffective or tends to leave behind stains and stink. Hiring professionals can provide you peace of mind by eliminating even the tiniest spot on the surface. They have a range of solutions that make up the best urine stain remover agents. This allows them to achieve spotless cleaning which a household cleaner cannot achieve.

3. Pet Stains Contain Countless Germs And Odor

Pet stains contain many foul-odor-producing bacteria and germs. These germs are harmful as they spread deep inside the carpet and also in the indoor environment. If you have kids or elderly people at home, this might be the best reason to have a pet urine stain and odor removal. These germs might cause a variety of diseases and allergies, affecting the pets as well.

4. Pet Stain – The Main Reason For Iceberg On Carpet

Pet litter would not just collect on the surfaces; it also sinks gradually. It extends to the cushioning and the flooring. However, many residents are preoccupied with their jobs and thus are unaware of how dirty the region under the carpeting is. Pet feces can readily seep into carpet padding, which acts like a sponge. Professionals are better informed on how to cope with situations like this by employing tactics and instruments. Cleaning with household cleaners like vinegar or baking soda can act as a natural urine cleaner to an extent. But these remedies cannot beat a professional cleanup.

5. Household Pet Stain Removers Don’t Work

Many store-bought remedies promise to be the best pet urine stain remover, but that isn’t the truth. These treatments may help reduce anxiety about cleaning up your pet’s urine or excrement, but most are rarely potent enough to remove the stain completely. To remove all pet stains, a professional cleaner would possess all of the necessary instruments and will use very strong and nontoxic chemicals.

The things that professionals utilize are usually not present to average customers because they were created specifically for professional usage. Many cleaning agents will simply disguise the stink of a pet mess for a short time, rather than addressing the odor’s source.

How do you get old pet urine stains removal from the carpet?

How do you get old pet urine stains out of the carpet_

To remove old pet urine stains at home, first, the affected area needs to be treated with a solution of 1:1 vinegar and water. After applying this solution, spread a generous amount of baking soda. Allow the powder to soak up inside the carpet fibers while working it with your hands.

The area might take up to 2 days to dry completely. After this, the powdery residue should be vacuumed up. For even better results, apply a 3 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide. Wait for the foaming to die down and blot the area dry. This is by far the best pet stain and odor remover solution.

Allergies and diseases can readily be passed to your kids and household members by pet stains. However, using various solutions to eliminate pet stains from your carpet may result in the need for restoration. If you’re in a similar scenario and don’t want to take any chances, contact Xtra Touch Carpet Care right away.

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