How To Remove Dog Urine Odor From Vinyl Floors?

How To Remove Dog Urine Odor From Vinyl Floors_

Well, there are times you miss out on some pet urine accidents and get to know about them when your home smells nasty. Although removing pet urine is hard, it’s not impossible.

Here you can learn how to remove dog urine odor from vinyl floor effectively.

How Do You Get The Smell of Urine Out of Laminate Flooring?

To remove the pet urine smell from your vinyl floors, you must find all the places your dog peed on. You can use UV-light technology to find all the peeing spots to start the cleaning process.

Plus, if you plan to use a chemical-free cleaning solution to remove pet urine smell, make sure it doesn’t damage your laminate flooring. Also, make sure that it eliminates all the germs and bacteria that are responsible for the nasty smell.

So, here’s how you can remove dog urine odor from vinyl floors.

  • Detach the dog urine from the vinyl flooring.
  • Take the same amount of white vinegar and water and cover the whole area.
  • To make the solution foam, gently brush it. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the dog urine to completely absorb.
  • Vacuum the vinyl flooring after five to ten minutes.
  • Sprinkle some baking soda on the affected areas as a preventative measure. This will eliminate any remaining pet odor.
  • Finally, to remove the last of the dog stains, apply an enzyme-based stain remover.

What To Do When The Smell Isn’t Going Away? Call a Professional!

Sometimes dog urine smell doesn’t go away with simple DIY methods. In such cases, you should get professional assistance to eliminate the lingering smells from your vinyl floors.

At Xtra Touch Carpet Care, we can help you get rid of stinky pet odor with our expert pet stain and odor removal. We use advanced odor-removal methods that eliminate the pet urine smell from its root and ensure a fresh and pleasant space.

So if you are done trying the DIY techniques, contact our experts today!

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