Pets make us joyful. Their presence makes our day. But sometimes, accidents happen! If you have pets at home then you are probably familiar with the pet stains and odor. But are you familiar with the dangers of residual animal urine on carpets?

Pet urine can do some serious damage to the carpet fibers, and it can also affect your health as well as wealth. Let’s look at the effects that can be caused by pet urine on carpets.

Effects of Residual Animal Urine On Carpets

Residual Animal Urine Cleaning Vancouver

1. Odor

Animal urine is one of the worst smells that you’ve ever come across with. Ammonia is the main reason behind it. The urine can not only fade your carpet but also makes it smell rotten.

It is tough to get rid of the animal urine from the carpets, and if the urine makes its way to the padding, then it can damage the delicate fabrics of the carpet. That’s when you realize the need to hire a professional pet odor removal service.

2. Emerges Allergens

Animal urine gives rise to a lot of bacteria and allergens. Breathing in pet odor can cause several respiratory infections. It can cause harm to your young ones.

3. Mold Build-up

If the animal urine is not treated for a long period, it can cause mold to grow. Mold is yellow and builds up at the corners. They are toxic and can cause serious harm to the health of the residents.

4. Deteriorate Carpets

This is something you never want to happen. Animal urine can damage the carpets. Ammonia present in the pet urine can reach the padding of the carpets and damages the delicate fibers of the carpets. This can make your carpet spoil. If it is not treated for a long period then you will end up buying a new carpet.

5. Best Solution?

Now you are probably wondering about how to deal with pet urine and odor. You can use baking soda or vinegar to reduce the effect of pet urine on the carpets. However, using these will not deliver you the desired results. To deeply clean your carpets, it is better to hire professional pet stain removal services.

Professional pet urine cleaners are well versed in treating different types of carpets. They have a lot of experience in dealing with pet urine and stains, they take extensive care of your carpets and provide satisfactory results.

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