Tried, Tested and Proven Tips To Avoid Professional Carpet Cleaning Scams

Tried, Tested and Proven Tips To Avoid Professional Carpet Cleaning Scams
July 27, 2021

Are you one of those homeowners who like to keep their carpets clean and tidy? Then there’s a high chance that you might have hired a professional carpet cleaning service for the same. Unfortunately, professional carpet cleaning scams artists try to defraud homeowners with their cheap prices and offers.

To save you from these scams by shelling out more money and for your safety, here are a few examples of it. Also, if you have doubts like can professional carpet cleaning remove stains? Then, clear it by reading the blog further.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Scams And Pro Tips To Avoid Them

1. The “Extremely Cheap Price” Scam

This one is the most seen scam. The scam artist comes to your doorsteps with discounted offers at extremely cheap prices in comparison with other competitors.

These scammers state the price for carpet cleaning per room lower than $10. But be mindful that it is just not possible to clean carpets from professionals at that rate.

Moreover, these ‘professionals’ start raising their prices once they enter your premises. The reason being that you have a special carpet that needs a special cleaning method or your room is bigger than the standard room size.

♦ Pro Tips To Avoid The “Extremely Cheap Price” Scam

  • Never say yes to door-to-door salespeople selling such services at a cheap price.
  • Always check the professional’s presence online. See whether they have a website and are registered on different social media sites.
  • Ask questions about the cleaning methods and procedures before employing professionals.
  • Research about your own carpet and have basic knowledge about the type it is.

2. The “Thorough Surface Cleaning” Scam

These scams are played with many reputed carpet companies along with scam artists. In this scam, the professionals you have contacted for carpet cleaning come to your place for pre-inspection to quote the rate of cleaning.

Once confirming with the rate provided, you leave the house thinking the professionals will deep clean the carpet thoroughly. However, after a few days, you notice that the old stains have returned and the surfaces look dirty.

This could indicate one of two things: Either the pros utilized faulty equipment or they were careless when cleaning.

♦ Pro Tips To Avoid The “Thorough Surface Cleaning” Scams

  • Conduct research about the hired carpet cleaning company.
  • Ask for referrals, talk to previous customers, read client testimonials, and reviews on trusted sites like Yelp or Angle’s list.
  • Check if the company is certified or not, the experience of the company?
  • Ask them whether they are insured and licensed?

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