What Is Upholstery Deep Cleaning Service?

What Is Upholstery Deep Cleaning Service?
July 19, 2021

What makes the living room lively and habitable? Upholsteries! They provide color, charm, and comfort to the people who use them. But with time and the amount of usage, the sofa begins to look dull and old.

There comes a time, when even vacuuming doesn’t make a difference in how it looks. This is when you should realize that your couch needs a professional couch cleaning service.

Experts are trained on how to clean a couch effectively. Hence, they can provide top-notch quality services to you. But how do professionals perform upholstery deep cleaning? Check out the blog to know this.

How Do Professionals Perform Upholstery Deep Cleaning?

♦ Inspection

Before starting the deep cleaning process, professional upholstery cleaning services first like to inspect the sofas and couches. The inspection is carried out to know more about the upholstery type, upholstery cleaning code, types of stains present, and colorfastness property.

♦ Spot Cleaning

Before starting with the upholstery cleaning process, a professional couch cleaning serviceman will remove the tough stains. To do this, the expert will use a special mild cleaning solution to extract out the stain. In most cases, they remove all the stains from the sofas and couches.

♦ Steam Upholstery Cleaning

Different upholstery types have different cleaning approaches. Hence, professionals determine the upholstery type. Now, using the steam upholstery cleaning method, the sofa upholstery cleaner will deep clean the sofas. After wet vacuuming, the upholstery is left to air dry completely.

♦ Upholstery Protectors

This is an additional step in upholstery deep cleaning and hence you have to pay extra for it. An upholstery protector is applied on the sofa to prevent it from staining from liquid and not letting the dust settle on it. This works like magic to keep your upholstery clean for long after professional cleaning.

♦ Deodorizing And Sanitizing Service

If you want to go one step further, the professional upholstery cleaners also provide deodorizing and sanitizing services. This service helps to get rid of germs and bacteria that are present on the upholstery. Besides that, it also takes care of the nasty odor coming out of them and making them smell pleasant.

♦ Grooming And Brushing The Upholstery

In case you have fabric upholstery, then professional cleaners also provide grooming services. Professionals will first let the upholstery dry, which will take 3-12 hours depending on the upholstery cleaning method used and type and amount of ventilation.

Make Your Upholstery Shine With Professional Upholstery Deep Cleaning Service!

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