DIY Carpet Cleaning vs. Hiring Professionals: Pros and Cons for Vancouver Residents

carpet cleaning
July 5, 2023

In order to keep a carpet well maintained, providing appropriate cleaning is necessary. However, most Vancouver homeowners get confused about whether to do the deep cleaning themselves or hire professional carpet cleaners.

So, to end your confusion and help you make better decisions, we have brought the pros and cons of DIY vs professional carpet cleaning.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

A common choice for most homeowners, DIY cleaning is a cost-effective alternative for deep cleaning your carpet.

Whether vacuuming, spot cleaning, or shampooing at home, it is an easy cleaning option without hiring a professional service in Vancouver.

Pros of DIY Cleaning:

  • Saves Money
  • Ease of schedule
  • Own choice of products and methods

However, the DIY option also has its cons. It may save some bucks, but the equipment you rent and the cleaners you buy can cost you almost as much as expert services.

Also, the time and effort that DIY carpet cleaning needs can make the process laborious while also not giving effective end results.

And without adequate and specialized knowledge, you may also fail to provide the right care to your carpet by choosing inappropriate methods and products, being one of the reasons for carpet discoloration. This further leads to ineffective cleaning.

Most importantly, over-the-counter cleaners may not provide the depth of cleaning that professionals in Vancouver provide. This makes the cleaning superficial.

Cons of DIY Cleaning:

  • Takes time and effort
  • Chances of damage
  • Ineffective and superficial cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning 

Carpet Cleaning

Providing expert cleaning to your carpets ensures deep cleaning. Their advanced equipment reaches the depths of your carpet to pull out years of grime that a normal vacuum cannot clean.

With their experience and knowledge, experts also provide specialized cleaning as per the need of your carpet’s material. This provides it with the right care and attention to help it last longer.

They are also aware of the most common carpet problems and have the best-suited solutions to remove stubborn stains and discoloration issues.

They also use industrial cleaning equipment and effective solutions that work way more effectively than regular carpet cleaners and over-the-counter products. This helps in thorough cleaning with spotless results.

Additionally, the expert cleaners also provide faster results with quality. Their practice, experience, and tools can finish the task in almost half the time taken in the DIY approach.

Pros of professional carpet cleaning:

  • Provides deep and specialized cleaning
  • Uses expert tools for effective results
  • Faster and long-lasting results

However, you may have to invest some money to have your carpets professionally cleaned. But in the long run, they will save your carpets from frequent damage and replacement.

Moreover, you may also have to align your schedule as per the timings of professionals.

Cons of Professional carpet cleaning:

  • Needs investment
  • Alignment with schedule


In the long run, professional carpet cleaning is the most beneficial investment to maintain your carpets. DIY cleaning can help with routine maintenance but it’s required to schedule at least one annual deep carpet cleaning session by pros.

If your carpet needs expert care, our Xtra Touch Carpet Care professionals in Vancouver are always at the service to bring their pristine shine back.

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