Reasons For Carpet Discoloration After Cleaning With Infographic

Reasons For Carpet Discoloration After Cleaning

Carpet cleaning though seems fun, but it isn’t. Many times you face carpet discoloration after cleaning. Get to know why my carpet looks worse right after cleaning the carpet well.   

Why Does My Carpet Look Worse Right After Cleaning?

Have you noticed stains or spots on your carpets right after you have cleaned them? This happens due to many reasons. Here are a few of them.

⇒ Carpet Wicking

Well, carpet wicking is a common occurrence after carpet cleaning. It happens when older stains make their presence known when the padding of the carpet gets wet. Since these stains are too deep inside the carpet, you don’t notice their presence before. Vacuum them up to restore the clean look of the carpet. 

⇒ Residue Stains

These the other types of stains that you notice right after cleaning. They appear because of the leftover residue of carpet cleaning solution or dirt or debris on the carpet. So, when it comes to dealing with reside stains, nothing works better than white vinegar.  

⇒ Carpet Yellowing

Have you noticed the carpet turning yellow after cleaning? This occurs when you clean your carpet with substances that have a high pH level or are alkaline. In this case, use an acid-based carpet cleaning solution to reverse the effect. You can also hire carpet color repair services in case the staining is too deep and severe.

⇒ Worn Out Pile

If your carpet is old or is under huge foot traffic, then you notice carpet discoloration appears clean even after cleaning. It’s alright though. Like any t-shirt of yours fade with time, so do the carpets. In this likely situation, replace the old carpet with a new one. 

Hire Professional To Cancel Out Carpet Discoloration In Vancouver!

Most people hire professional carpet technicians from Xtra Touch Carpet Care in Vancouver. We provide the best carpet color repair service to all our clients. Our experts make sure that the carpets are new-like after cleaning.

Infographic On Why Carpet Gets Discolored After Cleaning

Wearing and tearing of the carpet happen with usage. Many times after cleaning we see some discoloration of carpet. They either get faded or change color due to reasons. The infographic here gives us a visual representation with an explanation of why a carpet loses its color.

Reasons For Carpet Discoloration After Cleaning

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