FAQs On Upholstery Cleaning Services

FAQs On Upholstery Cleaning Services
March 1, 2022

Maintaining upholstery is the most difficult task of any home. In this busy life, no one can afford to risk this much time just cleaning. Upholstery cleaning services are required to keep the house and family members safe.

Many homeowners ask different types of questions here are some of the most asked questions to our professionals on upholstery cleaning services. With this, you will be able to easily identify how our professionals work and what type of service you should choose.

ℚ:1 Why Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services are Necessary?

Upholstery is one of the best investments in any home. Maintaining your house and upholstery can be a difficult task. Over time dirt, debris, and other harmful bacteria get into the upholstery fabric which may lead to respiratory and other dangerous problems.

Professional upholstery cleaning services are far too good and thorough than normal DIY cleaning. After our services, the furniture looks amazing and will smell very natural. It will be healthier and easy to use for family members.

ℚ:2 Why Do Spots Reappear After Cleaning?

Sometimes the carpets agents are not deeply extracted from the carpet which results in reappearing of the spot. This mostly happens in pet urine spots and spilled substances in large amounts.

As the cleaning is done, sometimes the moisture settles back into the carpet which results in reappearing of the spot in the carpet.

ℚ:3 Is The Company Certified And Insured?

Yes, Xtratouch Carpet Care is fully certified and insured by IICRC. Our professionals have gained extensive training, to identify and handle different varieties of fabrics and constructions.

ℚ:4 What Cleaning Method Do You Recommend?

Mainly there are only 2 methods which are used worldwide. Dry cleaning method and hot water extraction method (steam cleaning method). Most upholstery cleaning services and professionals recommend the hot water extraction method, in which very few solutions are needed, and is the best approach for better cleaning results.

The dry cleaning method as the name suggests doesn’t leave any residue and is mostly used in busy offices during regular hours. As it’s a dry cleaning process no residue or solution is left behind.

ℚ:5 How Long Does It Take To Get My Upholstered Furniture Professionally Cleaned?

It can be decided on how much upholstery is needed to be cleaned. During the contract the agent and contractors let you know how much time will be needed approximately. Times can differ if you are using different methods for cleaning and the total amount of time needed to dry the upholstery.

For any future questions and solutions refer to Xtratouch carpet care for better services.