Simple Process To Get Rid Of Bunny Pee Stains At Home

Simple Process To Get Rid Of Bunny Pee Stains At Home
October 29, 2021

Rabbits are the true companions and entertaining pets that bring joy to your house. But, you will never like to clean their litter box, due to their lingering odor. However, when pet urine accidents occur on your carpets or upholstery, then it can damage their underlying fabric if not cleaned immediately. So, here is the easy process to get rid of bunny pee stains at home.

Step-By-Step Process To Remove Bunny Pee Stains Easily

♦ Things Required:

  • Hot water
  • White Vinegar
  • A Clean Empty Spray Bottle
  • Paper Towels

♦ Procedure:

Step 1: First blot all the urine liquid with the help of a paper towel immediately from your carpet.

Note: Avoid scrubbing the urine stain or adding water to remove it, else it will soak inside the carpet fibers and start spreading further in other parts.

Step 2: After blotting the liquid, spray the white vinegar from the spray bottle to the affected area of your carpet. Also, if the surface where rabbit urine accidents occur is a solid surface like wood, then allow it to rest for 5-10 minutes.

Step 3: Now, blot the vinegar liquid with a cloth, even allowing a little bit to soak up inside the carpet fabric. Lastly, take a sponge and blot all the remaining liquid from the affected area.

Tip: When the fabric of your carpet can be removed easily, then first do that thing. Now, lay the fabric on the carpet and start pressing hard, which will blot all the remaining liquid into the paper towel.

How To Remove Rabbit Urine Stain From Tiles?

You can use a 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with 2 parts of baking soda to remove the rabbit urine stain from your ceramic or porcelain tiles. Apply the solution to the stain and then scrub it properly to remove it. Rinse the area with clean water.

Now, if you find it difficult to get rid of bunny pee stains through vinegar tricks, then do hire the best professionals in your town. While living at the Vancouver location, choosing Xtra Touch Carpet Care is the best decision. In addition to cleaning the urine stains, our professionals also work their best to remove the pet urine odor from the affected surface.

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