Type Of Stains And Deep Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Type Of Strains And Deep Carpet Cleaning Techniques
March 7, 2022

Carpets have a long history of suffering from multiple stains and there are un-imaginable remedies to remove them. Even though you take precautions, accidents are inevitable. Like wine spills, ink or paint stains, pet urine stains, or coffee stains. You certainly need some Deep Carpet Cleaning to deal with them.

Different carpet stains employ different removal methods. You need to understand the fundamentals of carpet cleaning to go about cleaning the stain. If you’re not comfortable removing them on your own, let professional deep carpet cleaning remove stains from your carpet.

The post below shares some types of carpet stains and tips on how to remove them. These will help to give your carpet a new look.

Three Types Of Carpet Stains And How To Remove Them Through Deep Carpet Cleaning

♦ Removal of Pet Urine Stains

The pet urine stain removal process contains three stages:

First, with the help of a paper towel, absorb as much stain as possible till the area is dry.

Second, use a cleaning solution to start the cleaning process.

Third, use ¼ cup of vinegar with ¼ cup of warm water and spray it on the affected area. The vinegar will cancel out the bad odor and also lighten the stain.

♦ Removal Of Coffee Stain

Most coffee lovers must have experienced these at least once in their lifetime. But, don’t you worry, here’s the solution to remove coffee stain from carpets:

Use the same water-vinegar mixture mentioned above but with an addition of ¼ cup of cleaning detergent.

Spray it all over the dried stain and slowly dap the surface with a paper towel to absorb all the excess liquid.

Let the paper towel sit there till the coffee-stained area dries off completely.

♦ Removal Of Wine Stain

A simple accident while partying can result in a wine-stained carpet. If you encounter this situation at home, follow these instructions:

Soak a paper towel in cold water and then use it to gently tap over the stained area.

Repeat the process to remove the whole liquid wine.

Make a mixture of 2 cups of water with a tablespoon of vinegar and cleaning detergent.

With the help of a clean sponge, tap the cleaning solution onto the stain. Continue the process till the stain dissolves.

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