How to Remove Common Carpet Stains?

Carpet Cleaning by Vacuum Cleaner
May 1, 2023

Carpets have a long history of suffering from multiple stains and there are unimaginable remedies to remove them. Even though you take precautions, accidents are inevitable. So, whether it’s wine spills, ink or paint stains, pet urine stains, or coffee stains, you certainly need some effective techniques to deal with them.

Different carpet stains employ different stain removal methods. You need to understand how to remove different carpet stains to go about making your carpet spotless.

Types of Common Carpet Stains and Tips to Remove Them

Common Carpet Stains

1. Grease Stains

First, scrape off any excess greasy solid from the carpet with a dull knife. Then, spread some cornstarch over the oil stain to get it absorbed.

You can use a brush to work it in. Rest it for an hour and then vacuum the dried residue. Repeat if needed.

2. Chocolate Stains

Take out the solid residue of chocolate first. If it’s melted, make it easier by freezing it with ice cubes and then removing it. Take 1 tsp of dishwashing liquid with 1 cup of cool water.

Apply the solution with a soft brush and scrub it gently without spreading the stain. Let it work for a few minutes and then blot the stain away.

Before drying, ensure to lastly rinse the spot with a damp cloth dipped in water to remove soapy residue as it is one of the main reasons for carpet discoloration after cleaning.

3. Kool-Aid Stains

Make a mixture of 1 tbsp of liquid dishwashing detergent, 2 cups of warm water, and 1/2 cup of white vinegar.

Blot the stain with a cloth dipped in this solution. Again rinse the spot with a fresh cloth dampened with plain water thereafter.

For more stubborn stains, mix oxygen bleach and cool water. Work this solution with a brush and let it sit for at least an hour.

Blot and rinse the stain with a fresh cloth and vacuum the carpet to dry.

4. Red Wine Stains

Soak a paper towel in cold water and then use it to gently tap over the stained area. Repeat the process to remove the whole liquid wine.

Once you have blotted as much wine as you can, make a mixture of 2 cups of warm water with a tablespoon of vinegar and dishwashing soap.

With the help of a clean sponge, dab the cleaning solution onto the stain. Continue the process till the stain dissolves.

Then, give it a plain water rinse to remove the soap residue later before vacuuming it.

5. Tea and Coffee Stains

Blot as much stain as you can. Then, use the same vinegar-water mixture mentioned above to dip the cloth and dab it over the stain. Blot the stain with a dry cloth and it will vanish.

For tougher ones, use a mixture of oxygen bleach and cold water and let it work for 30 minutes before blotting and drying the area.

6. Nail Polish

Acetone can easily remove nail polish from the carpet. Test the area first with a drop of acetone to check for any color fastness.

Remove the excess nail paint with a plastic scraper. Thereafter, apply a few drops of acetone with a cotton swab and immediately blot the stain with a cloth. Keep repeating until all of it is removed.

You can give it a final rinse with a clean, plain water-dipped cloth and air dry the area.

7. Pet Stains

One effective way to remove pet stains from the carpet is to make a mixture of equal amounts of vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. Sprinkle the mixture over the pet stain and let it soak in deeply.

Scrub the stain with a brush and blot it dry. The vinegar will cancel out the bad odor and also lighten the stain.

8. Blood Stains

After blotting the blood stain with paper towels, make a mixture of 2 cups of cool water and 1 tsp of dishwashing liquid.

Gently scrub the stain and keep blotting as it breaks down. Give it a final rinse with a damp cloth before drying.

For the remaining stain, use oxygen bleach on synthetic carpet fibers and hydrogen peroxide on wool carpets. Follow the product instructions.

Things to Ensure while Carpet Stain Removal

  • Always test a solution on a hidden carpet area to check for its safety.
  • Don’t over-saturate.
  • Never use warm/hot water for blood stains.
  • Blot as much and as soon as you can.
  • Do not rub the stains; they will seep deeper.
  • Read product instructions on store-bought products.
  • Use white paper towels for blotting to avoid color transfer.
  • Always blot or scrub from the outer stain edges towards the center.

When to Call Professionals?

When the carpet stains seem to be stubborn enough to not leave even after multiple trials of elbow grease, you should hire professional carpet cleaning services. They have effective treatment solutions for each carpet stain and can easily deal with them.

Moreover, if you have tricky carpet fabrics to deal with, you should take the help of experts. Certain fabrics are tougher to fight with stains and so need expert attention.