A Comprehensive Guide To Oriental And Specialty Rug Cleaning

A Comprehensive Guide To Oriental And Specialty Rug Cleaning
June 9, 2022

As you know, oriental and specialty rugs are known in the market for their intricate and colorful designs. These rugs showcase the art and craftsmanship of the rug artist.

Many of these rugs are passed down from generation to generation and have great sentimental value. But like any rugs, they too get dirty and stained over time.

Because of the delicacy and value, it is better to hire professional rug cleaning services. However, if you want to attempt to clean them on your own, then follow the below steps for oriental and specialty rug cleaning.

Steps For Oriental and Specialty Rug Cleaning At Home

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Some oriental and specialty rugs are handwoven and made of a natural material like wool. So before you start the cleaning process, learn everything about your oriental and specialty rug.

After you have sufficient knowledge, you can begin the oriental and specialty rug cleaning process by following the below steps:

  • Start by vacuuming the rug thoroughly.
  • After that, use a safe shampooing product and work it gently inside your rug fibers with the help of room-temperature water.
  • Use a long-haired brush to scrub the surface of the rug. Clean the tassels of the rugs by hand with the help of the same shampooing product.
  • Rinse out the soap entirely from the rug using normal water. Squeeze out all the remaining water from the rug.
  • Spread it on a clean and undisturbed surface for air drying. Turn over the rug to let the other side dry too.

Essential Tips To Remember For Oriental and Specialty Rugs

  • Try to avoid getting the oriental and specialty rugs dirty. Keep them away from pets and kids.
  • A strict no to harsh scrubbing. Always be gentle while cleaning.
  • Walking on them while wearing shoes can make them dirty. Go bare-footed or wear socks at places where these rugs are present.
  • Don’t drink and eat on these delicate rugs. Food and wine spill damage the fibers of the rugs.
  • Clean these rugs using the correct cleaning method and product to ensure that they don’t fade, tear, or get spots on them.

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