Does Steam Cleaning Remove Pet Odors?

Does Steam Cleaning Remove Pet Odors
August 4, 2021

Pets are an inherent part of your everyday life and become a part of the family. They provide you the best championship as well as emotional support. As pets are full of life and help to reduce your stress and feeling of loneliness.

As a result, you need to ensure that your pets receive proper food and housing care. On the other hand, as a pet owner, you may face difficulties regarding getting rid of the bad odor coming from your carpet or upholstery.

Pet urine leaves an unpleasant smell in your home, and it also penetrates your carpet along with the floor underneath. The residual animal urine on the carpet causes odor, allergens, and mold formation. If it is not properly treated, then this smell impacts your health as well.

Therefore it requires a specialized cleaning process beyond just cleaning and treating your carpet or upholstery. Considering this scenario, steam cleaning is the appropriate way to deep clean your carpet or upholstery.

But, you might be thinking, does steam cleaning remove pet odors from carpet effectively? The answer is yes. Because steam easily cleans the carpet without harmful chemicals and simply penetrates removing stains and smells for your home.

How Does Steam Cleaning Remove Pet Odors?

Steam cleaning is effective against unusual smells and tough stains and is considered an ideal technique to get rid of pet urine smell from your carpet or upholstery. The following steps are adopted by the pet urine removal services in order to eliminate pet stains from the carpet.

♦ Step 1: Vacuuming

Vacuuming is the first step to remove all the dirt and stains from your carpet. It provides a clean surface for steam cleaning to extract urine smell. It also helps during the steaming process, otherwise, it is clogged and steam can not easily invade your carpet.

♦ Step 2: Pre-Treatment Of The Stained Area

It is essential to pre-treat your bad carpet stains before the steam cleaning process. Therefore, professionals use a pet odor neutralizer that cleans your carpet without discoloration. The best neutralizer that works well for your pet odor includes baking soda and vinegar.

♦ Step 3: Steam Cleaning

It is the final and important step during the process of removing pet urine smell from your house. At this stage, professionals use a steam cleaner for the thorough cleaning of your carpet. It penetrates deeply into your carpet and pulls out the source of the smell. The extractor also ensures that the smell does not return when drying.

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