Mattresses are present in every household. Clean white sheets and comfortable mattresses catch the eyes of the guests. However, these mattresses grab dirt frequently and also get stained as time goes by.

It’s important to deep-clean your mattresses regularly to enhance their beauty and create a healthy and hygienic environment. Therefore, hiring professional mattress cleaning services to clean your mattresses is a good option.

Professional mattress cleaners know all types of mattress fibers, and how to treat them perfectly. They restore their appearance like new. So now you are probably wondering about the mattress cleaning cost?

Well, mattress cleaning may cost you around $100-$300. However, the cleaning cost depends on many factors.

5 Factors That Influence Mattress Cleaning Cost

Mattress Cleaning Costs Vancouver

1. Size/ Thickness

It’s quite simple, the size of the mattress directly affects the cost of cleaning. The bigger the size of the mattress, the more will be its cleaning cost. Additionally, the mattress cleaning cost also depends on the thickness of the mattresses. Thick and heavy mattresses require extra effort to clean.

2. Type of Mattress

There are different types of mattresses present in the market. Thus, they require different types of cleaning. Since the mattress fabrics are delicate, they will get ruined, if cleaned improperly. Professionals have to put in extra effort and use different cleaning methods to clean special types of mattresses.

3. Type of Stain

Dirt and grime can be cleaned easily and requires less work, thus it costs less money. Whereas, stubborn stains such as wine, coffee stains are tough to get rid of. Therefore, it increases the price of cleaning.

4. Cleaning Method

There are many types of cleaning methods, and each has distinct pricing. Professionals will advise you to opt for a better cleaning method after checking your mattress’s fibers. Most known mattress cleaning methods include steam cleaning, dry foam cleaning.

5. Additional Costs

Sometimes there can be an extra cost added to the existing mattress cleaning cost. This happens because sometimes the experts require additional tools for cleaning. UV treatment, bed bug control, etc., incur an extra amount. The professionals will happily advise you if the mattress requires any additional work or service..

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