Make Your Rug Look Brand New! Oriental Rug Cleaning And Repair

Rejuvenate Your Rug Look! Oriental Rug Cleaning And Repair
July 13, 2021

Rugs give a beautiful look to your rooms. They enhance the beauty of the house and give warmth under your feet during winters. Their charming colors and patterns easily attract attention and make us feel relaxed.

The rugs consist of good-looking knot counts and the variety of dye natural colors added to the tint of the wool. If the quality of rugs has diminished over time, then it needs proper repairing.

The cleaning treatment of an oriental rug is delicate and requires a professional hand. This demands good levels of skills and knowledge. There are different approaches to oriental rug cleaning and repair that you can learn here.

Types of Damage To Oriental Rugs

a) Border damage

Being the outermost and most exposed to walkovers, the borders are harmed very easily. This shows an imbalance on the edges of the rug. Then, you need to think about how to repair oriental rug edges.

b) Holes

Rugs are highly vulnerable to bug attacks or wear and tear. This type of damage can be fixed by experts.

c) Low-Pile Areas

With time, the fibers in the rugs start to loosen up. The low pile can lead to damage and requires attention before the situation worsens.

Different Types Of Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair

Before starting the repair and restoration process, the rugs need to be segregated depending on whether it is handmade or machine-made. The handmade rugs require more care.

Oriental Rug Cleaning And Repair Services Vancouver

Follow This Three ‘R’ Approach:

1. Repair

Depending upon the type of damage, the repairs have to be made. Repair types can be such as hole, tear, pile, end, and side repairs.

2. Recovery

Bringing back that original rug would be such a good feeling. Yes, it is possible depending on the availability of fiber and dyes.

3. Retention

To protect the rug from further shrinking, its retention is essential. This can be done by maintaining the current condition with proper treatment.

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  • Color bleeding
  • Removal of the odor
  • Time-saving

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